What is Google Voice? What is it for? What are its advantages?

All companies seek to acquire fast and efficient business communication, both in their relationship with customers and in internal management. In today’s market, in which the constraints of time and place cannot be a commercial obstacle, VoIP virtual switchboards greatly facilitate the achievement of this goal.  

 What is Google Voice? 

Google Voice is a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone service that is hosted on Google Cloud servers and works only through the Internet, that is, from any place with an Internet connection, we can access the Google Voice service.  

It is an enterprise solution designed for companies of all sizes and very easy to use, which allows organizations to build a scalable telephone system that can be integrated with other business applications.

What is Google Voice for?

Google Voice allows companies to maintain efficient, agile, and digital communication through:

– Sending messages.

– Phone calls.

As we have mentioned before, it is a service that works only through the internet, so we do not need a physical SIM card associated with the company number. In addition, it allows us to make calls centrally through the computer or the app installed on the phone.  

What are the requirements to implement the Google Voice service in a Company? 

Google Voice is a business solution, so in order to access this service, we need to have our professional Google Workspace account (formerly G Suite).  

If you still don’t have your professional account, you can contract Google Workspace for companies with us, and benefit from working with an official Google partner.  

Once we have our professional account, we must choose the Google Voice plan that best suits us:  

  • Google Voice Starter (€9.10/user/month): plan for up to 10 users, with 10 different locations and no international locations.  
  • Google Voice Standard (€14.50/user/month): no user limit, no location limit and does not allow international locations.  
  • Google Voice Premier (€21.70/users/month): unlimited users and locations, and with the possibility of having international locations. 

What are the advantages of Google Voice? 

  • Calls from any device.  
  • Easy to use.  
  • Native integration with Google Workspace.  
  • Business phone number without the need for an associated physical SIM.  
  • Scalable and intelligent: take advantage of the high security measures implemented by Google. 

Start calling with Google Voice 

If you think that Google Voice is a suitable option to centralize company numbers and calls, you can contact us and we will help you throughout the process, whether you already have your Google Workspaces business licenses or if you have not yet.

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