What is Google Vault? Does it serve as a backup solution?

One of the most important aspects for every IT manager in a company is data security and control. In a context like the current one, where many employees telecommute or complement the office and remote work in hybrid workspaces, added to the increase in cyber threats after the impact of COVID-19, makes companies consider acquiring solutions that allow them to improve data security and control.

In this article, we will tell you what Google Vault is, its functions, and if we can really use it as a backup solution.  

What is Google Vault?  

Google Vault is Google Workspace for Business ‘  data retention and discovery service that lets you manage, preserve, search, and export data from email, Google Drive, and logging-enabled Meet chats.  

Vault allows you to take control and define data retention and retention rules for some applications included in Google Workspace for an entire domain or specific organizational units.  

In summary, Google Vault will allow us to carry out the following actions within our Google Workspace collaborative environment:  

  • electronic discovery.  
  • Information control.  
  • Access control and account auditing.  
  • Audit reports. 

Google Vault is a tool that is  included in the most advanced licenses of the Google Workspace plans:  

  • BusinessPlus 
  • business 
  • Enterprise Essentials (verified domains only) 
  • Education Fundamentals and Plus 
  • G Suite Business 

Is Google Vault a Backup solution? 

Although there is a common thought that yes, Google Vault is not a Backup solution. We tell you why:  

Backup Solution:  

  • Protect an organization’s data by continually taking second copies and securing them. 
  • Allows you to recover and restore critical business data in the event of unforeseen data loss 

Google Vault:  

  • Contains historical data stored for research or legal purposes. 
  • The files are intended for data search and do not have the option to recover or restore data 

Google Vault is an electronic document display and archiving tool that retains data for as long as it is needed. It is not intended to recover data as a backup solution does. 

As we have seen before, Google Vault allows you, assuming you are a Google Workspace administrator, to do three main things:  

  1. Retain the organization’s data for as long as necessary. 
  2. Search for some specific data in case of query or need. 
  3. Export search results for later review.

Google Workspace for business.  

If you still do not use Google Vault within your Google Workspace platform and want to implement it and obtain more information, you can contact us and we will help you throughout the process. If you are considering migrating your collaborative environment to Google Workspace, contact us and we will evaluate your case personally.

What applications does the suite include?

The suite includes several applications by default. However, the best known and used are the following:

Gmail for business

Gmail is currently the most popular email application in the world, with a 26% market share over the competition. With Gmail, you will have a storage capacity of up to 30 GB per user and it constantly receives new improvements, making it increasingly easy to use.

Google – calendar

This is a calendar application that you can consult on the Internet and that helps you coordinate your personal agenda. As if that were not enough, it allows you to coordinate the agenda of your work team collectively. This is because one of the advantages of Google Calendar is that you can create multiple calendars that can be consulted by all the people in your company.

Google drive

Google Drive allows you to store, access, and share files that are in a shared repository on the web. Depending on the plan selected in the suite, you can have from 30GB of storage to unlimited storage.

One of the biggest advantages of Drive is that it has extremely powerful file search functionality. In addition, in the Drive, you can store and share all kinds of folders and files. This is thanks to the fact that it has full compatibility with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which we will see below.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides

These applications are the equivalent of Microsoft Office, only these are available on the Internet and are exclusive to Google. These 3 applications allow users to edit files simultaneously and always have the latest version from any browser and device.

One of the biggest advantages of these tools is that you can import your Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files and edit them directly from the suite as if you were using Office. Another advantage that is very useful for users is that each file you create from Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides does not count towards your 30GB storage quota. Only files from external applications count, such as PDFs, Word files, Excel, Powerpoint, and others.

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