6 Strategies to Creating a Brand Identity

If you have a business or are about to set it up, you will know that creating a good brand image is very profitable. And you don’t have to be Coca-Cola for it to work. Here I have prepared a list with 6 strategies to enhance the corporate image of your company, taking care of every facet of your relationship with your customers and the general public. But first, I will explain what this concept consists of, which may be subject to interpretation.

Summary of the 6 strategies to enhance the brand image

  1. A coherent and powerful visual identity.
  2. The importance of web design in the modern economy.
  3. Optimize the space open to the public.
  4. Take care of the packaging of your products.
  5. Design your communication campaigns.
  6. An exemplary behavior.

Definition of the corporate image of a company

It is a term that is often used, mistakenly, to talk about the most visible identification elements of business communication, such as the logo or the colors used. But there is a big difference between corporate visual identity and what is known as brand image, or corporate image. The latter is a much broader concept.

It is the set of perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes that the public has about the brand or the company as a whole. In other words, the corporate image is the way people interpret the meaning and communication of the company. They do so based on perceived attributes, attitudes and benefits, which generates a relationship with the company that can be positive, neutral or negative.

Those perceptions and associations that are made of the brand based on its attributes, benefits and attitudes, will serve to generate a link, favorable or not, towards it, whether of attitude or behavior, which in turn conditions how the public will interact with the brand in the future.

The company only controls part of its corporate image

From the above definition, it is understood that a business cannot completely control the public’s perception of its brand. It has tools and strategies to influence that image, but it will always be an external element with a part of the uncertainty.

That said, with the strategies listed below, a company can optimize its communication and behaviors to help project a brand image consistent with business goals.

The 6 strategies to enhance the corporate image of your company

visual identity

A company is a broad and complex concept. To help in communication, it is good to create your own visual identity, which allows a quick association between the idea of ​​your company and well-defined graphic codes. The best-known representation of that visual identity is of course the logo, but it is not the only factor. You can have your own graphic style, specific colors, and, if we go beyond the visual itself, even a differentiating slogan.

To work on the visual identity, it is a good idea to rely on professionals, such as the Apartment for three studios, a small specialized and differentiating team, which brings its talent in graphic design, web design, and many other related areas.

That identity is then declined in many formats, from external signs to business cards, through the business website, stationery, packaging, or the products sold.

web design

The corporate page of a business is the almost inevitable entry point for any modern company. But how do you stand out when your customers can visit dozens of competing websites in a matter of minutes? The answer is simple: you need a careful web design that gives your users the best possible experience.

And, if the visual aspect is important, the design goes much further. You not only need a beautiful, pleasant page that is consistent with your visual identity. It is also essential that the website is designed to make things easy for the user. In other words, it must be intuitive, load quickly, and minimize the number of screens you have to go through to achieve your goal.

The facilities and brand image of your company

If you have a store, or, more generally, an establishment open to the public, it is clear that you have to think about designing it according to your corporate image objectives. We are talking about the organization of space, decoration, choice of colors, selection of furniture, lighting, or even non-visual elements such as the smell of the place. In addition, the additional services that can add value, such as a coffee machine, a television in the waiting room, and this type of attention cannot be forgotten.

The packaging of your products

The packaging of a product has a very notable impact on the perception that the consumer has. Let’s take an extreme case. Imagine a pleasant perfume. That same fragrance is packaged in a cheap plastic jar and in a glass bottle with an original design. Do you think customers will have the same perception about the perfume? Obviously not. And that, despite the fact that it is exactly the same product. The packaging does a lot for the image of a product.

Obviously, it depends on the sector and the positioning of the company. Selling perfumes or wines is not the same as selling screws, for example. But the container and packaging will always have an impact on the perception of the final customer. And that is why it is so important to include the packaging of your products in your reflection on the corporate image of your company.

communication strategies

In this case, we are mainly talking about advertising, although there are many alternative ways to communicate. You have to design a message consistent with the values ​​you want to convey, just as you did with the visual identity of your brand. The task involves choosing the appropriate communication channels and supports, as well as reflecting on the message, that is, the background of the campaign, and on its design and presentation, in other words, the form.

Online advertising, gift items, radio spots, TV commercials, outdoor or subway billboards, sponsorship of all kinds, you have many options to choose from.

The importance of the behavior of the company in its corporate image

In personal relationships, it is often said that a person’s actions speak more about his true personality than his speeches. The same thing happens with companies. It is of little use that you have designed a brand image in one way if then your company has a totally opposite behavior. And that implies that you take care of several factors.

  • The coherence between your image and the approach of your business . If you sell luxury, you have to offer a quality to match. If you have a low cost concept, you cannot charge the same as others. You already understand me.
  • The social responsibility of your company . If you take advantage of your employees and suppliers, or neglect your impact on the environment, it will not be enough to offer good service and have good communication. It is better to lead by example, at least if you want to take care of your brand image.

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